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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Benefits of Sacred Smoke

Fragrance Opens the Crown Chakra

In numerous cultures, burning of incense is used to communicate with the divine. Native Americans use white sage in the sweat lodge and shamans use Palo Santo Wood in their ceremonies. In many cultures, fragrance is a key factor of developing a spiritual connection to the Divine. That is why you will often hear or see of yoga studios or teachers using a Sage Cleansing Kit to invoke a peaceful atmosphere in their studio.

Cleanses the Air

Creating a sacred smoke with medicinal woods, herbs and incense has been proven to cleanse the air of bacteria like mold or mildew. Traditionally, the inhalation of smoke has also been used to treat infections and has been proven effective. Please note: this information is for educational purposes and we do not recommend inhaling smoke unless under the supervision and instruction of a trained professional.

Heals the Mind and Body

Scent creates a calm environment. Botanical fragrance provides emotional and physical benefits. When we connect with a scent that has been created directly from the earth, our environment is both grounding and healing. Using incense activates our sense of smell and stimulates the energetic body. Different types of sacred smoke also offer different healing benefits. For example, Frankincense Resin stimulates the airways, helping to relieve asthma and bronchitis while Palo Santo Incense Cones have traditionally been used reduce stress, inflammation and restore balance after emotional trauma.

Creates a Sacred Space

We often talk about using sacred smoke to cleanse a space, however it is also a powerful way to invoke the energy of celebration, ceremony and manifestation. Smokes can also attract distinct deities, guardian angels, and spirits into our space. Just like candles and some incense are used in churches, sacred smoke sends our intentions to the spirits as well.

When you are practicing meditation or healing, having your personal guardian angels, or whatever other spiritual figures such as saints or Gods, surround you provides you with a loving space to grow and transform.

Enhances Intentions

Just like crystals, sacred smokes have their own energies. While all of them will help clear the energy of a space and invite in positivity, they work in different ways. Find, which incense you, are most drawn to. Then you can set your intention when you light the incense. Doing so will hold the space for you to manifest your intention and amplify it to the universe.

Sage: the go-to herb for cleansing your home of negative energy

Palo Santo: clears the space from negative energy and also invites in good fortune

Copal: rids negative energy from a space and your aura, relieving depression and shifting your mindset to a positive one

Frankincense: creates a spiritual atmosphere opening the space to blessings from the divine

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