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Benefits of EXILER Crystal Infused Glass Bottles

Hello my lovely friends,

Today I’m dedicating a blog post to my most favorite stone of all: rose quartz. I have always been attracted to this stone and for many reasons: not only is it beautiful and pink, but it instills a deep sense of calm. This blog will be all about how to use rose quartz and feel its benefits.

Heart Chakra: Rose quartz is a great stone for the heart chakra, as it is the stone of infinite love and romance.Rose quartz opens up all kinds of love- romantic love, existing relationships, friendships, and self-love. Meditating with this stone or even just keeping it close to you can help open your heart chakra and make you more open to giving and receiving love.

Peace: Rose quartz is typically known for being the stone of love, but it is also extremely peaceful. It is wonderful for calming and reassurance.

Elixirs: Rose quartz is one of the best stones to use in an elixir (adding gemstones to water so that their vibration is transferred into the water).Attracting Love: Rose quartz is known to help attract new relationships into your life. So if you feel you are open to finding love, rose quartz is a great stone to help guide you.

Emotional Healer: Rose quartz can help promote self-love and purify the soul. If you are going through a hard time, this stone helps instill empathy and soothe heartache.Physical Healing: Rose quartz is purifying to the kidneys, reduces vertigo, and can aid in fertility. It can also help chest and lung problems, the physical areas associated with the heart chakra.That’s all my information about rose quartz! Like I said, I am a huge fan of this crystal and its amazing benefits.Thanks for reading!


Hood Heal•her

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